I’m so done with everything right now.

The day after I draw myself as a magical girl I’m already drawing myself like a witch ahaha sobbing.

Instead of working on finals I’m rewatching Madoka Magica and drawing myself as a magical girl… haha procrastination. 

If Kyubey showed up now and offered a contract, I’d wish for no more stress ugguguh so tired.

OMG you deserve more notes! Haha awesome art!

Oh, why thank you!


Finally designed the plane my character flies.

In-class figure painting.

Have I ever mentioned what my favorite anime is?

I hate art blocks.

could... could you do... SWAMPERT CLOTHES?!

I’m assuming you’re talking about the Pokemon Outfit Challenge I did last summer… but I guess I’ll keep taking them as long as people are asking haha.

Have a Swampert skater boy outfit.


Some gestures.

shoes shoes shoes

Pose from class.